Who failed you

It all started by reading an email from a man I’ve followed for months.

I was intrigued before I even opened it. The subject line:

Who Failed You?

That could be taken in so many ways.

Read it again.

Who failed you?

What flashed before your eyes? What people, things, situations made their mark?

You know the mark I’m talking about. That little, internal thing called doubt.

Maybe it was your mom or your dad, clearly defining your faults in detail.

Maybe it was a teacher, who said you weren’t good enough, you would never reach your true potential.

Maybe it was a friend who told you how dumb your idea was.

Or an ex who pointed out your worst attributes, your worst qualities.

Maybe it was the dozens of rejection letters you received, pushing your goal further away.

Or hundreds of “no’s” when all you wanted was a “yes”.

They’re there, aren’t they? Those little specks of doubt. Each one of them building, growing, every time another one sinks into your system.

You may have accepted the first no. But the second? The third? The tenth?

Eventually they add up. They grow bigger than life. They consume. They change.

And they leave emptiness behind.

Because you aren’t good enough, are you?

Or are you?

Why have you believed them? Is what they say really true?

Think about your obstacles. What’s held you back from doing more, saying yes, being who you want to be?

That big idea you’ve had is great … but only if you take action.

That big idea can change your life … but only if you spend time with it every day.

Because big ideas only come along once in a while. And if you don’t take action, who will?

So let me ask you again. Who failed you? And what did they make you do to believe?

There’s only three things you can do, right now, that will help you move beyond that mindset, and put you in charge for a change.

See the action for what it is

When someone tells you it can’t be done, you’re not right for the job, it really isn’t about you. It’s about their limitations of what is possible, feasible. Because if the idea is there, there’s a way to accomplish it. Give yourself permission to make it come to life.

Look for inspiration, not holdbacks

Staying in the same place, the same frame of mind, with the same things around you will give you more of the same. Give yourself permission to find a new place to play, new things to discover, new people to play with.

Believe in your own potential

Everything’s possible. The world says it all the time. Just look at all we’ve discovered, invented and created in the recent past. You don’t get there by listening to everyone else. You get there by asking yourself what you can do. Give yourself permission to say yes to that internal you. That’s what makes you grow into the person you are truly meant to become.