According to USA Today, 82 percent of adults dream of writing a book someday.

While many have the dream of writing the next great novel, many more wish to share one idea or a piece of information that took them years to uncover and understand.

They learned a secret that took years to come to terms with and now they want to pass along this information in the form of a book.

Even as few as 10 years ago, this task was difficult at best. But in today’s world, heading online can reveal how easy it truly is to get your book to market.

Self-publishing is bigger than ever, and that will continue to grow with the ease of Kindle, CreateSpace, and other online tools. Whether you want it in electronic or paper versions, there is an easy and affordable choice for you.

If your “What Next?” idea involves starting up a new business, why should you consider creating a book as well?

A Book Shares Your Ideas

Your book should be personal to you. It should be a fresh approach, personal in nature, and something you can share your passion with like minded people. What do you believe in? What is your “What’s Next?” all about? Think broad. Think detailed. Your book can cover a variety of things depending on how you ultimately want to structure your business.

A Book Is Your Calling Card

When you approach people to buy your services, invest in your products, sign up for your coaching program, or take action with your training materials, they want to know a little about you first. A book can be that introduction. Whether they read your book or not, just showcasing you’ve taken the time and energy necessary to create a book says a lot about who you are.

A Book Showcases Your Expertise

Chances are your “What’s Next?” is something you are passionate about. Its something you’ve lived through, experienced, or dealt with over the past months or years. You are passionate about it because it’s been a part of your life for so long. When you’ve lived it, studied it and dealt with it that long, you quickly become an expert. You know tips and tricks that others have never heard of. That’s what you should be sharing in your book. Don’t just share your knowledge; showcase that you are the expert in this niche.

A Book Provides You With A System

A book is filled with information. As you set up your book, you set it up by sections. Each chapter you create builds off the next, creating an overall blueprint of your material. Books can help you organize your thoughts and help you turn it from a book to so much more – how about a training program, a live class, or a coaching session? You’ll quickly see how things start coming together, and help you tie it all together into one strong business model.