Let me tell you a story.

Back in 2004, two entrepreneurs had a great idea. They had great success building a business and we’re at the top of their field. So they started looking for a good way to share and give back to others in their community.

They started looking at blogs and membership sites. Blogs were just starting to hit the tipping point, and were an easy way to fill a site up with content. And if you added a membership piece to it, you could quickly capture a target audience and generate a revenue stream as well.

So they started up a blog and added a membership platform to it. They wrote and wrote and wrote. And they attracted a few clients. But nothing popped. The concept stalled. And the entrepreneurs re-evaluated.

They still understood what it took to be at the top of this niche, and they still wanted to share their advice to others trying to grow in this industry too. So they took a different approach and opened up the membership to everyone. Again, they wrote and wrote and wrote.

And they started attracting a huge amount of traffic.

So they developed infoproducts – courses to teach marketing concepts, books to help understand niches, coaching programs to help guide individuals that wanted exclusive help.

And the traffic kept rising. And the sales kept rising.

Pretty soon this site started attracting people in different ways. They began selling other products complementary to their own. They attracted advertisers that wanted to buy ad space. So they monetized the site in many different ways.

Yet this was only one of their sites. They had many other opportunities at the same time. They were building in many different ways. Life happened. Things changed. And an offer was made.

“Can we buy this site from you?”

Wow. Yes.

And now these two entrepreneurs have gone from concept, to developing a blog, to morphing and changing it over the years, to finding out what works and what doesn’t, to accepting an offer and selling it. All in less than 10 years.

Five figures in profits every year once they figured out what worked. Five figures in selling the site. All in all, a six figure business model was born, operated, and sold.

Pretty cool, huh?

So when someone says “blogging, what the heck is that?” these entrepreneurs sit back and laugh knowing full well what the potential really is.

Yes, I’m sure you guessed it; those “entrepreneurs” are us. And yes, all of that did happen.

That’s not the stopping point. That’s the starting point. We have many other sites we are now looking at and changing our approach. Are goal is to rinse and repeat – if we did it once, there is no reason we can’t do it again. And again.

If you do a few things in the right order, develop a strong strategy and work ethic that you continue month after month, year after year, its “easy” to do.

But developing, growing and selling doesn’t always have to be the strategy. Maybe selling is the furthest thing from your mind. Maybe you simply want to take your concept and see if you can grow a following. Maybe the concept of making money is no more than a vacation fund at this point. Maybe you have no idea what your true potential is.

That’s okay.

The point is in the online world, anything is possible IF you work for it.

What if you have a big idea and want to blog about it? What if you want to share your thoughts, your story and your inspiration with others around the world in a similar circumstance? What if you already are somewhat of an expert at something just through life experience? What if you want to take that knowledge and share it with others to help them lessen the pain of the journey you have already traveled down yourself?

Why Building A Blog For Your Big Idea Is The Best Idea Ever

Can you blog about it? Yes.

Can you create a significant web presence that reaches out and shares content with your target audience? Yes.

Can you create a significant profit from doing so? YES!

Now all you need is the guidance.