Back before the tech bubble burst, and people and companies had lots of cash to throw around, any type of marketing strategy could be promoted. Just throw in a new tech word and you had a sure winner on iStock_000004426908XSmallyour hands.

I attended a meeting last week with a variety of business owners. We were all in the B2B realm, with everything from insurance and financial representatives, to IT and promotional products. 

After I gave my 60 second commercial on creating an online marketing strategy, the social media conversation started.

     “I just signed up for Twitter.”
     “I visit Facebook every day.”
     “I use LinkedIn all the time.”

So I asked the next question.

     “How are you using these tools to make money for your business?”

And of course I got exactly what I expected. A ton of blank stares.

If you ask people what it means to market or advertise, they usually come up with a response about promoting their businesses. But ask how any of the new social media applies to their marketing strategies, and you’ll be lucky to get any type of reply at all.

Just because the news is filled with stories on Twitter doesn’t mean you have to have a Twitter account. Just because they talk about Facebook on your favorite radio show doesn’t mean you have to create your own account.

Unless you have the desire to build it as an effective marketing tool, understand why you’re using it, and have an ultimate goal of how its going to bring in money for your business.

I have several accounts on Twitter. I use them all to promote who I am and what my company offers. I use it to grow relationships. And I have a lot of fun with them.

But I also have a strategy in mind. So for our Twitter Photoshoptips account,

  • Build it to 10,000 followers by September 2009
  • Create a strong following
  • Share Photoshop tips to amateurs and professionals
  • Build links back to
  • Build traffic to a variety of Photoshop products
  • Create revenue of $1000 per month by December 2009

The same applies to all my other social accounts. Strategies may be different, but I definitely have a strategy in place.

If you have social media accounts, what’s your strategy?

If you don’t know, maybe it’s time you did.

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