Have you ever jumped in feet first with something … and hated every aspect of it?

We’ve all been there.

If it’s something minor, you endure it for an hour or two and move on. Outside of a little lost time, you have very little commitment.

But what if you dive into your reinvention dream big time and change your world completely? What if you move halfway around the world? What if you separate from your spouse? What if you quit a job to pursue a new career?

And shortly after, find out you HATE IT.

Then what?

Plan, Plan, Plan

I’m a big believer in planning. That doesn’t equal overplanning.

You have to know how much planning is enough or you’ll get caught in this endless circle of waiting to learn just a little more. You’ll be in that loop forever.

Selling off your forever home and getting rid of most of your stuff isn’t an easy process. Deciding to slow travel the world is difficult to comprehend, especially when you’ve lived 25 miles from where you were born for the first 50 years of your life.

Our dreams didn’t come without a lot of planning and thought. We even tested out our idea by traveling across Europe for six weeks just to make sure we liked our concept.

Thanks to the Internet, you can do all of your research online in a matter of hours. You can find people living your dream and provide you with the inspiration to get everything done.

That’s how I started. That’s how I built up my lists to further my action.

Look Before You Leap

We all have different dreams for what we want our second acts to look like. For some like me, that meant moving to a new location.

Luckily, you can find lists for everything online.

Detroit, Memphis, and Cleveland top the list of being some of the cheapest places in America to retire.

Chiang Mai, Thailand, Guam, and Valencia, Spain are a few of the least expensive places to retire overseas.

If you want an active retirement, the lists suggest Madison, Wisconsin, or Portland, Oregon.

If you’re looking for the most expat-friendly places to retire, give Lisbon, Portugal or Granada, Spain a try.

See something that entices your interests? Think something would be the perfect place for you?

Should you sell everything and move there sight unseen? Some do. But I’d say it’s a little risky.

Instead, give it a try.

Because what sounds good on paper (or screen) isn’t always as good as it seems.

Find an airbnb or a short-term rental in your desired location. Then book your trip and stay for a bit. Spend at least a few weeks, longer if you can. Shop at the grocery stores. Walk through the neighborhoods. Check in with the local chamber of commerce and take part in some of the local events.

Then at the end of your time, do you still see yourself living there?

Of course, this same concept can be applied to any desires you have. Sit in on a class before you jump to enroll in a program. Try a new hobby through a day class before you commit for the long term.

While you should never back away from something that is challenging, just ensure that you enjoy the process along the way.

Change Your Life To Let The New In

It’s easy to fall into old habits, especially when so much of your old life is still in place.

One of the most challenging parts of change is to make time for your dream. It requires you to say no to things you used to say yes to. It means you’ll have to give up things you might enjoy right now.

But that’s where real change begins. If you’re going to move, for example, you won’t be able to take part in a group you’re currently in anyway. So step down, walk away, and avoid further commitments, no matter how much they beg.

Then use that free time to do something to bring you closer to your new life. Don’t let the time slip away.