If you’re online and searching out business advice long enough, you’re bound to hear it (or read it as the case may be) again and again. In fact, you’ve probably fallen in to the trap yourself, especially early on in your business life.

“I need a list.”

“I need a new website.”

“I need to figure out this Facebook thing.”

It’s a trap.

So then the hunt begins. You think to yourself, “I have to find out the secret to _____”, and the hunt begins for the guru that can provide you immediate secrets that are somehow miraculously going to change your situation.

You wind up with an email that promises “I made $1 million in 6 months simply by doing this one thing in Facebook.” Or you surf around and wind up on a landing page in which you watch a 30 minute video showing you how fast the dollars came flying into his bank account, simply by using this one tool. And of course you’ll shave off months of time and thousands of dollars if you invest in their product, study it and apply it exactly as they’ve outlined.

Yep, once again, you guessed it … it’s a trap.

Why Magic Promises  Are Holding You Back From What You Really Need To Do

I’m not saying any of these tactics are wrong, won’t help you, or are “bad” products. In fact a lot of them I’m sure are very good.

The problem lies with the reason you are buying them.

Let’s turn for a moment to someone that has decided they want to take up knitting. So they run from store to store, buying up fabulous skeins of yarn. They choose a selection of beautiful colors, materials, sizes and textures. Then they choose a variety of knitting needles, every size and shape they can get their hands on. Upon returning home, they discover it takes up quite a bit of room, so they head off to the store once again to purchase a storage unit that will look good in their family room AND hold all of their new purchases.

All of this continues until this person sits down one day and discovers one thing. She’s never learned to knit. She doesn’t know a slip stitch from a rib stitch. Purl? What’s that? And if she doesn’t understand the system of stitching, she’ll never understand how to read it in a pattern, and create a final project she’ll be proud of.

That’s also the trap most entrepreneurs fall into.

They decide they want to take their Big Idea and start a business with it. But they’ve only ever worked a corporate job, doing their one small job that fits into a global puzzle. They don’t understand the nuances of the entire business plan, so they start buying pieces to hopefully show they what to do.

Sure it’s great to learn about Facebook advertising, but how does that fit into your overall marketing plan?

And yes its great to study under a guru that’s made millions from creating an infoproduct. But if all you learn is how to create an infoproduct, with no general understanding of how it fits into your overall business strategy, how will you know if you’re designing something that will truly help you build a successful business?

This type of entrepreneur gets trapped into doing – they buy promise after promise – without ever considering how all of those “things” lead to what they really are trying to achieve in their business. And more importantly, their life.

Most of the experts you’ll meet (and buy from) probably will have great tools. When they were starting out and on the hunt for tools to help them achieve success, they purchased what they needed, added pieces to the puzzle, and came up with  solution that helped them achieve success.

But most of those gurus aren’t selling you the overall solution. Instead, they are selling you one piece of the pie, one tool in their toolbox.

It’s the one tool they discovered on their own that threw them over the top. It’s the one piece they learned that finished the puzzle, and made all the difference to their business model.

Does that tool make a difference to you? Potentially, it may have some impact. But if you don’t know how that one tool, that one strategy plays out in your business plan, it will never have value, no matter how valuable it is overall.

The only way to truly gain from every tool you buy is to know what value it has in your overall plan. Are you buying the knitting needles, or are you investing in a knitting expert that sits down beside you to teach you every stitch, master it from beginning to end, and use it to make a final product you can be proud of?

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