Let me ask you a question. How do you feel when you read this:

Why You Need Business Insurance

Boring, right?

Do you really want to read that? It may be relevant, but if you see that come through in an email, or you see it in your newsfeed, are you really going to click through to read it?

Of course not. Where is the fun in reading something like that?

Now let me ask you another question. How do you feel when you read this:

How To Lose $1 Million in 2 Seconds

Hmmm… Things are different. That has some mystery, some intrigue. It makes you stop and think.

When it comes to writing up a blog post, you can do so in many ways. The content must be applicable to your audience. They have to find value in it. And they have to read it – if the don’t read it and share it, what’s the point?

But ultimately it’s not the content that gets people’s attention.

It’s the title.

Your title is the first thing people see when they visit your blog. It’s the first thing they see when it comes through in their email program. It’s the first thing they see in their Facebook newsfeed.

No matter where they first come in contact with your content, its not the post that captures their attention, its your title.

And yet that’s where most people fail. They get wrapped up in the content they want to share. And they don’t put the focus where it truly counts – what attracts people in the first place.

It’s always the title. If you want to create an online site that attracts people all the time, you have to spend the majority of your time creating titles that will get noticed.

Look at the magazine Cosmopolitan the next time you stand in line at the grocery store. Or head over to their site and take a look at the current titles they are using to entice you to click. What do you see?

You’ll find titles like this one:

Creating blog titles that get noticed

They get attention. They grab a reader’s mindset and entice them to take the next step by clicking or opening up the magazine. You’re “dying” to find out what it has to say. And to do so, you must follow the trail.

When putting your energy into your writing and building up your Internet presence for your big idea, you have to accomplish the same things. You can write boring content for your blog and title it “Testimonials” or “My Service”, but will that really get people reading?

The only reason you should be blogging is to capture attention. And if you’ve chosen to build your Big Idea into a brand in the online world, you have to get people talking. You have to give them a reason to talk. And a reason to share.

Don’t write up a post just to write it. Don’t put content on your social sites just to post. Instead, focus in on how to attract people to what you have to say, and focus in on what will truly make them click.

You’ll love the results.

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