The first One Thought podcast is here!

Whew! This has been a long dream of mine, to start up a podcast where I can talk about all the things that matter most to me about life here in midlife. But for a variety of reasons, I kept putting it off.

Until now.

Just a few weeks ago, I bought into a new mastermind, and what I started learning from my coaches was mind-bending. I listened to live events and recordings over and over again, stretching to become someone new.

Great timing. I bought in at the end of February. Then March happened. And the world changed.

I kept asking myself, what did I want to do? How did I want to give back to the world? How did I want to share my knowledge?

And then it hit me. Actually, very late at night, 3 o’clock in the morning stuff where you can’t get it off your mind. But this voice inside said: podcast. Return to your podcast idea. And One Thought Podcast was born.

So I started doing one thing a day. Choose a name. Create the cover art. Find a hosting service. Record your podcast.

And I did it! And my very first one is right here – on Pro-Aging and what that means for our future.

Now I’ll admit, it’s not perfect. I jumbled some words, lost my thoughts a time or two. It’s probably not as carefully crafted as I know it will be when I have 20 – or 200 – under my belt.

But it’s real. It’s me. It’s what I’m thinking today.

It’s me giving you the information that is on my mind – One Thought – as of today.

I’d love to hear your comments, your advice, or your thoughts – this is the One Thought Podcast, after all.

What are you thinking right now?