Let me ask you a question.

What is the one thing that you do better than anyone else?

This isn’t the same question as “what do you do?”

If I were to meet a real estate agent at a networking event, she might say, “Hi I’m Jane and I sell residential property.” But you’ll find that answer to be the most common around. I can attend any networking event in town and find someone with the same answer. There is nothing motivating about it, nothing that makes her stand out from the crowd. And more importantly, it gives me no reason to remember her down the road.

Now lets return to my original question.

When I ask her what she does better than anyone else, she’ll tell me she sells real estate.

But once I’ve spoken to Jane for a while, I can dive deeper with the question, “What is the one thing that you do better than anyone else?” and she’ll change her tune fairly quickly. With just a little prodding, I can come up with something like this:

“I work with small business owners and freelancers helping them find the perfect house and get financing for it. It’s not as easy as someone with a job. There are a lot of nuances to the process. I’m good at it, and have a lot of strategies I’ve learned over the years.”

A-ha! Now we’re on to something. Now Jane can stand apart from her fellow real estate agents. Now we have something to work with and begin building her a unique persona that she can be easily recognized for.

We’ve also found the perfect way for her to create an entire side business – a lifestyle business around something she loves and is good at in the process.

You see, now that we have Jane’s “thing”, we know and understand what she’s really good at, and what she likes to put to use in the clients she sees every day, we can start building a future that looks entirely different from the one she has right now.

Here’s Her Today:

Jane works for a broker with a major real estate company. There are 20 agents working out of her office, all of whom she’s known for years. Jane has a good name and a great reputation in her market. But after 15 years in the business, she has been thinking about a change. Part of her profits go to the broker. She has to man the office phones a certain period of time every week. She works almost every weekend. She hasn’t had a true vacation in over five years. She loves real estate but is a little exasperated by her current lifestyle. And with the economy still up in the air, she’s always just a little worried about what the future holds.

Here’s Her Future:

Jane’s second child entered college last fall. She and her husband are adjusting to the empty nest, but they also realize they want something more. They are tired of the big house in the burbs and the yard that requires maintenance every week. They want time to explore, spend weeks on vacation instead of days. They want to get active in the things they love, not just spend a few hours a year. She would love to be able to work from anywhere, doing what she loves in a different way. She just isn’t sure what that looked like … until now.

Jane and I chatted and began to lay out a plan.

Why The Greatest Businesses Start With A Book

And it all started with a book

Jane has what I call Marketable Expertise. She’s good at something, loves it, would like to continue it, only in a slightly different way. She’s tired of the way things are, and instead would prefer to use her skills in some other way. She’s built up a Marketable Expertise that allows her to transfer her skills into another business – a side business if you will – and move into a completely different direction for the coming months and years of her life.

But where does the plan start?

It starts with a book.

Now I’m not talking about a book like the one you have on your nightstand, although it could be.

In today’s world, a book can take on many different attributes, and be made up of many different things.

A book can be:

  • A physical hardback or paperback book, like those you buy at the book store
  • An ebook like you buy through your Kindle app
  • A free book like you receive when you sign up for information on a website
  • A video that describes a process in detail
  • An autoresponder series you send out through email, building a story from one email to the next

Or one of many other things. Think for a moment about all the ways information has been presented to you. Which have you preferred?

Jane’s new business starts with a book – her book – because that’s her leaping point into her new business venture.

She’s found something she’s good at – helping small business owners and freelancers who don’t have a standardized income source get financing and qualify to buy the house of their dreams.

Once she combines these two – her desire for a different business, a lifestyle business, with her Marketable Expertise of helping small business owners – it all points to delivering the information in a credible way. And that’s her starting point. That’s how she can break free. That’s how she can convert her knowledge into something new and powerful that there is a constant stream of demand for.

And she can develop and grow on her time frame, from anywhere in the world.

Sometimes it’s difficult to see through your existing daily tasks to see where the path leads. It’s difficult to find your Marketable Expertise and put it into a completely different context … where you are the head of your own lifestyle business.

That’s what I’m good at. That’s where I help my clients most.

With just a few questions, I can dig deep into what you love most about your current lifestyle, and what you would most like to expand on in the future, only in a completely different way. Together we’ll find the perfect path for you to build on in the coming months and years, a perfect business for you start today. We’ll develop your own Marketable Expertise!

And yes, it may all be with a book … your book! Lets get started today!