Today as I was working, I noticed an interesting post on Twitter from @treypennington

twitter for job experience

It seems Best Buy is looking for a Sr Manager – Emerging Media Marketing Job. The notice lists the usually stuff – exactly what you would expect on an employee opportunity notice. Except for the Preferred Qualifications:

job qualifications

In addition to experience and a graduate degree, they would also like you to have at least 250 followers on Twitter.


What is this saying about the impact of our future? That we as a society and as potential job holders really need to get with the current times, follow trends, and use current technology to remain players in the job market.

I love it.

This year I worked with my local school district, and presented at many of the PTCO groups. My main goal was to educate parents on the need to learn social networking skills, and not ban their children from using sites like Facebook. I discussed the fact that children need to be experts in this technology to even hope to compete in the future, and part of that is letting them understand the technology now while they are young.

I had a lot of mixed reactions. Some remained terrified of it all. But most went away with a new understanding, and the desire to hop onto it themselves, and monitor their children as they started in with the new technology.

The best course of action for all business owners and employees alike is to embrace new technology, and understand that it isn’t a fad. It won’t be going away. You can’t ignore it or it will impact your future. Possibly greater than you think.

What’s your opinion?