I’ve been blogging now for close to a decade. When I first started blogging, it was for my photography business, and I did it as a way to share a few ideas with our audience. I had no idea how big it would grow, what I would accomplish, and more importantly, what I would learn along the way.

Times change. I’ve started well over a dozen blogs for various concepts and niches for my business. I’ve sold one for a healthy profit. I’ve let the majority of them dwindle away into nothingness.

One thing I’ve learned again and again is people come to your blog for the very first time because you meet the requirements of a quick search, or create a noticeable title on a social media site. They stay because you have something to say.

They don’t want to follow you if you always throw together a “best of” of “top 10 list” hoping for high ranking in Google. Sure, that may be valuable once in awhile, but overall people stay because they like how you write and enjoy what they take away by reading what you have to say.

You add value to their lives.

Blogs are entertainment. No matter if you are writing about food, travel, business or plumbing, people stay because of the quirky personality they see shining through in every post you write. The more you develop your personality, the more you give people a reason to want more.

And that is where the power of developing your own unique personal brand comes in to a business.

If you want to develop your own business, and you have the desire to:

  • Be a photographer
  • Be a painter
  • Be a life coach
  • Be a fiction writer
  • Be a foodie
  • Be a health advisor
  • Be a (insert your profession here)

That’s your starting point. After that, its what you differently that will determine how much success you have.

In business today, personality is everything. If you don’t develop your own personal brand, your shot at success (and yes, fame) dwindles away.

The most important thing you can do develop your personality first. How do you do that? Start with a series of questions.

Who am I?

This involves some soul searching, some inner digging. It may also change on a regular basis. It’s not frozen in time. Things will make you happy. Things will make you sad. Things will completely overwhelm you. Things will anger you. Things will frustrate you. Things will make you scream in sheer delight. The more it touches your heart, the more you’ll know you’ve discovered “who I am”.

What kinds of people make me happy?

This comes down to who you want to hang out with, be with, share with, and have fun with. You can define it any way that is right for you. But the more you define the kinds of people that make you happy, the more you design your business around what these people want, the happier you will become.

What do I want to do for these people?

Most businesses stop at the surface. I’m a photographer, I give people an 8×10. I’m a fiction writer, I sell people a book. No, and no. This is the mindset of the average business owner. The highest level business owners know the outcome is truly something you can’t see on paper, or hand over in a box. Instead, it’s the deep seeded feelings you give to a person by what you do. Its how you set the stage from beginning to end. It’s the way you communicate every day of your life.

When you discover the ultimate reason a person would want to do business with you, that’s the day people see you in a whole new light. That’s when you have raving fans that provide you with testimonials, shouting “She changed my life…”

Yes YOU Can And Should Be Your Own Personal Brand

How do I want to add value to my customers’ lives?

Customers don’t walk away with a great product or service. They walk away believing they’ve found the answer to their problems. Because in reality, they could have found a product or service like yours in some other place. But they chose you – that’s your value.

How do I want people talking about me?

The worst thing people can do is forget you exist. If you’re a life coach and your name doesn’t come up when a group of friends are talking about figuring out their future paths, you haven’t gone far enough with your business. Imagine for a moment a person giving you the highest compliment, the best testimonial ever as she chats over lunch – what would she say? What did you give her? How did you change her life? How would she word that to her best friends? That provides you with the clues you’ll need to really define what you do.

What do I want to be known for?

“I love my beautician – she’s the cheapest I’ve found anywhere in town.”

What? Do you think any beautician would want to be known as “the cheapest in town”?

But what if that same person said “I love my beautician – she listens to me and I’ve never had a bad haircut in the 12 years I’ve gone to her. She truly is the best in town.”

If you don’t define how people are supposed to think about you, they will do it on their own. Your definition is always better.  Once you’ve decided on your definition, the rest is a simple process to make it so.

How am I different?

This is your story. This is why you became you. This is why you do what you do. Never ever think your story doesn’t matter. That’s what connects people to you. That’s the heart of your business. That’s why people choose you over everyone else.

If you don’t give people your story, they have to look for another reason to hire you. Where does that usually fall? Price. Because if I can’t have the one I truly want, the one that puts her heart and soul into everything, the one I resonate with from everything she says and does, I might as well choose the cheapest. (And save my money for the day I can truly work with the one I LOVE!”)

Are you starting to see your personal brand appear? Don’t worry if it’s still soft around the edges. Personality takes time to grow and change. Yet the most important thing you can do right now is realize you have to have it to move forward in your business. Don’t hide it. Don’t pretend nobody wants to learn more about you.

They do. People want connection like never before. And when you give it to them, when you let them become an integral part of your life, you’ll be rewarded.

Not sure how to voice your personality into your business? It may be time for a personal coaching session to flush out the benefits your business brings to your clientele, why they love you, and how you express that in everything you do as you move forward. You’ll love the process … and you can even give it a try for free. Let’s talk; sign up for my free 30 minutes trial coaching session today.