There’s a saying out there that the only sure things in life are death and taxes.

Yet if you follow any type of marketing hype for your favorite product or service, you’ll know that a lot of things out there come with a no risk trial, 100% money back guarantee.

Which means they’re a sure thing, right?

You Have To Do This With 0 Percent Guarantee On The Outcome

The reason marketers include these no risk guarantees is simple – it makes you more likely to buy if you think your risk factor is lowered. They also know that the majority of people that do business with them will never follow up on the guarantee – the majority of the money they bring in through this no-risk offer will remain in their bank accounts. They will make money or they wouldn’t be in business for very long; the no risk offer simply helps them bring in even more sales.

No risk offers are now are norm – we see them everywhere.

Stay up late at night and every infomercial you view will have a no risk offer.

Do a little research on any product online, and most successful ones will make you a no risk offer.

Even things like cars come with a no risk offer these days – GM has offered a 60 day money back guarantee program to boost the sales of their cars.

So the no risk, money back guarantees are now the norm. We come to expect them with every risk that we take.

Unfortunately, this line of thinking has clouded our judgment and makes us even more risk-adverse than ever before.

  • What if we make a choice and it’s not the right one? How will we get out of the situation?
  • What if we make a decision about our lifestyle and the people around us don’t love and accept us the way they once did?
  • What if we start down a new path and choose to start a new business venture … and it fails? What if we lose our home, our bank account, or retirement fund, or even our friend and support base?

Quick. I need a do-over.

For the most important things in our lives, there simply isn’t a do-over. To move to great potential, we have to face life head on and experience it with all the risk it entails.

That’s the only way to reap substantial rewards.

And it’s the only way to live the way most people never will.

“Many people die at twenty five and aren’t buried until they are seventy five.”
Benjamin Franklin

When I had my corporate job, I had “security”.

  • I brought home a guaranteed paycheck twice a month.
  • I had a retirement fund that matched what I put in.
  • I had low cost health insurance, dental and vision.

I also hated everything about my job.

  • I had a constant threat of shutting down our Denver office and being pulled back “home” to D.C.
  • And I also listened to people my age all around me that hated the job as much as I did.

Their thought process:

“Five years down, thirty five to go.”

My thought process:

“I quit.”

You see, I really feel life is what you make of it. If you need the guarantee, you’re not going to go very far. You’ll be stuck where you are to get what you’ve always gotten.

But if you look at it in the context it truly is, you’ll know you only have a finite number of years, and only you can make the most of it.

Yes, you may fail. But you may win BIG too.

It’s all up in the air. 0% guaranteed. 100% risk.

But the choice is yours. Which do you choose?