You’ve just faced a big change. You know you’re ready for so much more.

But what?

That’s the question. Because you know now is your time. You know you’re ready to transform your life in a big way. But you’re not quite sure where to begin.

1. Acknowledge you’re ready for a change
This may seem like an easy thing, but it’s actually one of the most difficult steps. Because so often we say we want something different in our lives but we’re not ready to do the work to achieve it.

Are you really ready for a change?

How far are you willing to go to achieve it?

2. Start saying no
Every day is twenty-four hour long. And since the moment you were born, those twenty-four hour time periods have been spent in some sort of activity. The only way to make time for new activities is to say no to others.

So start saying no more often. Say no to the things you don’t enjoy. Say no to the things that cause you worry or anxiety. Say no to the things that cause you emotional, mental or physical harm. Say no to the things that don’t provide you the positive energy you need to move on.

3. Look at your relationships
Who no longer fits in your life? It’s difficult to realize we’ve outgrown a relationship. Yet in most cases, we surround ourselves with people that may not be committed to helping us become who we’re meant to be. If you changed and let your true self shine through, who would reject you? Gracefully begin to distance yourself from these relationships. Time away may be hard at first, but it will allow you to open up and make room for more important relationships down the road.

4. Clear out your junk
You know the junk I’m talking about. That closet you haven’t opened up for years. The stack on your desk three feet thick.

We all swear we’re going to take the time and clear out the old, but when do we do it? For us, we didn’t start until we decided to sell our 3300 square foot house and move into a 1200 square foot apartment instead. Suddenly we were very motivated to let go of the clothes in the closet we hadn’t worn in years, and the toys that were accumulating dust in a basement corner. Some of the first things out the door were difficult. Eventually, it became exhilarating. And as Marie Kondo in Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up tells us, if it doesn’t bring you joy, it’s simply holding you back.

5. Quit being so busy
When you’re busy all the time, you don’t have a chance to learn who you are. You don’t have a chance to determine what you want to do.

Because when you take away something that requires your attention, you make way for the chance to just “be.” It opens your mind up to possibilities instead of filling it with an anxiety-driven need to get more done.

You can sit in quiet meditation. You can read a good book. You can stop in a park and just stare out as the world passes you by. The importance is to say no to filling every moment of the day with “something” and instead enjoying a piece of it doing absolutely nothing. You’ll be amazed at what comes to you in that moment of “nothingness.”


6. Do something you use to love
I use to love art. I took art classes in high school and college. I used to paint and do crafts just for fun. Until my life became so busy, I gave it all away.

But you discover a piece of who you were when you take up those old hobbies once again. It sparks imagination and makes you a more creative person. And when you rediscover what you used to be passionate about, in many ways in opens up your awareness of how to bring it back into your life today.

7. Read
Everyone benefits from picking up a book and learning more about the world. That means reading a wide variety of things. If you were to visit me at home, you’d find stacks of books all around my home. That’s because I pick up books and read a wide variety of genres throughout my days. Right now I’m reading:

Damaged by Lisa Scottoline
Hungry Heart by Jennifer Weiner
Sacred Pleasure by Riane Eisler
The Sale of a Lifetime by Harry S Dent, Jr

Books – even fiction – can lead you to the most intimate corners of your mind and help you find what you’ve been looking for all along. Some of my most amazing ideas were born from reading – it’s the one thing I’ll never give up.

8. Sleep 8 hours every night
Enough said.

9. Ask a question
Spend a few hours with a child and you’ll see a curious brain in action. They’re loaded with questions, so many that they can drive you crazy after a while. They want to know how things work, why things are the way they are, and what they can expect as a result of learning all about something.

Somewhere along the way, we lose that creativity. We forget to ask questions. We simply accept things the way we are. I haven’t resorted to acting like a three-year-old, asking questions of everyone I meet. But I have changed the way I approach each new day. All you have to do is start looking at things with a question instead of doing what you’ve always done.

Why am I doing this?
Is there a better way?
What else could I be doing?
Do I enjoy this?
What else is there?
What’s next?

Each can lead to endless opportunity.

10. Make a new friend
We’re not connectors anymore. We prefer to walk head down, totally absorbed in our digital data. But that’s not how you really connect.

Head outside and say hi to the people you meet. Join a new group. Check out a meetup. Join a wine club. Because new people change your opinions just a little. New people give you new information about the world we live in.

11. Start an idea list
I’ve been following James Altucher, a podcaster, blogger, and author, for years. In his book Choose Yourself, he recommends starting an idea list to flex your idea muscles and learn how to let your creativity flow. Every day, spend a few minutes writing 10 to 20 ideas. That’s it. They can be any ideas, on any subject, in any category. How about a list of ways you could quit your job once and for all? Or a list of business ideas you’ve always wanted to start? Or a list of ways you can improve your health? Or a way to move to the new home you’ve long desired? The more you do it, the more you’ll learn about yourself. And the more some of your ideas will sprout wings and fly.

12. Put your sexy on
Bringing my sexy into play means I love every moment of the day. I want to look good for everything and everyone around me. But most of all, I want to be sexy for me.

The better I look, the better I feel.

And it shows.

Feel good and I guarantee you’ll de-stress. Then you’ll start looking at opportunities instead of things that stand in your way.

13. Keep a have-done list
Everyone always teaches you to have a to-do list. It’s a great way to keep your thoughts and ideas in an easy format to accomplish things every day.

I would argue that it’s equally important to keep a have-done list, to remind you of all the things you’ve accomplished in the past. I always keep my to-do lists in journal format, checking them off as I go. Nothing is as titillating as grabbing your to-do list for the year and reviewing how far you’ve come. You can easily see just how far you’ve come.

14. Give yourself five years
Because nothing changes overnight. As much as you’d like for it to happen, as much as you’d wish things would quickly materialize right before your eyes, they won’t. Change takes time. It takes patience. It takes commitment. It takes action.

Here’s my challenge to you this week:

What are you doing to transform your life once and for all? Spend some time contemplating what changes you can make today that will give you the time you need to make a true change in your life. Then do it!

It may be time for a little reinvention!